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Jim's Tales From My Vault

TALES FROM MY VAULT is an anthology of memories from Jim's past. Memories that are so embarrassing that Jim employs his "ghost-writer-alter-ego", THE VAULT WARDEN to narrate them! These stories are all true folks. That's what makes them so uproariously funny!
vault-collage.jpg Tales From My Vault COMPLETE SET
The entire set of volumes 1 thru 9!
vault2cvr.jpg Tales From My Vault (Individual Volume)
VOL.1 The initial book was meant to be a "one-shot" but it's popularity drove us to create Volume 2! Vol 1 features "White German Shepherd"

VOL.2 This is the moment Jim confronted the KEEPER OF THE BONES! Volume two became a bigger hit than number one and the sequel plan would to be reactivated yet again! Read the sample story GOING and COMING.

VOL.3 VOLUME THREE became an innovation with it's "dream-sequence" cover! Don't miss the MOUNTAIN OYSTERS story in this one, another classic of EMBARRASSMENT! You can read a sample story from Volume 3 called THE TOXIC UNDERWEAR!

VOL.4 TALES #4 contains the classic "BOOM BOOM IN THE SANDBOX" and "JELLYROLL BLUES"!

VOL.5 See the sample story from this volume called THE SCISSORS!

VOL.6 Contains tales such as BIRD SOUP and A REALLY BAD DAY AT THE BANK. You can also read some fan mail which includes some amazing tales from YOU THE READERS! Read the sample story JELL-O!.

VOL.7 The New January 2007 edition! Our BEST ISSUE YET...LOADED with photos and illustrations. Read about my classic encounter with...THE GREMLIN! PLUS six other true stories and features! And YES ... gleefully narrated by 'that darned old' (and sardonic) Vault Warden!!

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