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When I was a kid, I wanted to be a cowboy. I really had no idea what a cowboy did all day except go into a bar and find a loudmouth and hit him on the head with my gun. I also knew that somehow that would start every single cowboy in the bar to fighting with one another ...but I figured that's when I would leave the bar and high tail it outta there with mah faithful horse Jiminy-Yo-Silva. THAT'S what I figured I would do. I never ...EVER thought about where I would eat or sleep. I just wanted to be a cowboy .....I mean a KAHHWWW-boy.
DSCN1710.JPG jvscis3.JPG DSCN1729.JPG jvswim.JPG jvwanted.JPG Oct03_009.jpg kc1899.JPG scan0012.jpg

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