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People are always asking me. They say, "Jim, what is your big fascination with PINOCCHIO?!" Well, I have to smile when I think about THAT one. The true answer is rather shocking and unbelievable. Yet it's quite basic and simple as well. It has as much to do with my ego as it has to do with my roots(which were TREE roots). You see, it all began long,long ago ...in the 1940's ...when my wish to become a real boy was granted by a stunningly DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL fairy. Man, oh MAN! She was something! And she turned ME into a REAL BOY! The FIRST thing I wanted to do was DATE this blonde fairy whom I'd immediately fallen in love with. But that was not meant to be. She made a polite but hasty retreat and sadly, I have never seen her since. Never even knew what her actual name was. It was then that I changed my name from dorky PINOCCHIO to the aristocratic sounding "J. Vanhollebeke". Then I ditched the little clown suit and got some fancy duds over at Robert Halls! I eventually founded CANOVANOGRAMS INCORPORATED and ...as they say, "THE REST IS HISTORY"! BUT ...I never forgot how I got started all those ages ago ...and being a pretty enthusiastic fan of myself, I collect all this crap. You DO believe me don't you? I never tell a lie.
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