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Jim VanHollebeke's Weird Fotos

If ONLY I could have met ELVIS! What an INCREDIBLE experience
 THAT would have been! But WHAT would I SAY?  What would I DO?!
 I couldn't just ACT NORMAL!  How DOES one behave in the presence
 of a KING?!  GOSH.  It's probably a good thing I DIDN'T meet him!
Gallery #1
Hello! My name is Jim Vanhollebeke. I am a starving artist, writer, singer, paleoanthropologist researcher. If all the nuts of the world were lined up according to quality degree, I would be near the end by the geniuses. I've always been proud of that(!). I would like to entertain you while sharing some of my unusual interests. Interests such as paleoanthropology, Elvis Tributes, Pinocchio, Apes, wolves, satire, special effects, artwork, and comedy. I hope I can blend these interests into a photo gallery that you will enjoy and perhaps return to. I hope to continue adding to the gallery or adding new galleries far into the future - so please stay tuned! If you have any comments or suggestions , please write: Also we'd like you to visit our unique PHOTO SERVICES PAGE where you can find out how easily we can put YOUR face on someone else's body!
Gallery #2 - Another Gallery!
Hello. My name is Jim Vanhollebeke and this is PART 2 of my FAVORITE WEIRD FOTOS. As I have explained in PART ONE, I am a starving artist, writer, singer, paleoanthro-researcher-archivist and "nut". I stand near the "genius" end of the "nut" line. So ...I'm a pretty good quality nut. Anyways, I'm hoping to entertain you while sharing some of my interests. Interests such as: paleoanthropology, Elvis, Pinocchio, Apes, Wolves, special effects, my artwork, satire and comedy. I want to blend these subjects into a confusing photo gallery that will leave you amazed, aghast ...and under my power. As always, I plan to continue adding to this gallery 'til it is full and we can move on to GALLERY #3. So by all means, stay tuned and please visit often! Feedback is welcome at our Cano-vano-grams address:

Gallery #3 - yet ANOTHER gallery!
Me again, Jim Vanhollebeke with yet ANOTHER "cano-vano-gram" gallery, VOLUME 3(three!). More pictures carefully conforming to the insane combination of paleoanthropology, Elvis, Pinocchio, apes, wolves, special effects, my artwork, satire and comedy. And who IS this "Jim Vanhollebeke", you may well ask. Quite simply ...ME. I am, of course, a little nuts with a "dollop" of genius. As always, my galleries are a-work-in-progress. So stay with me while I add fotos & try to entertain you. I know you are fussy and impatient so I will give you "nothing but my best". Please visit our Can'o'Van Website at CanovanGazette! for more fascinating info! Thank you and GOD BLESS. Comments will be welcome at:

Gallery #4 - still ANOTHER gallery?!
Welcome to Volume 4 of my ongoing series of bizarre scrapbooks. As you probably know, I am obsessed with paleoanthropology, Elvis, Pinocchio,wolves, apes, special effects, art, satire...and comedy. As a starving genius artist-writer-singer-researcher-nut etc. I am bound to keep doing somthing 'til someone praises me. I've been doing these picture galleries for a long time and I don't see "light at the end of the tunnel" so stay tuned as I continue building this mad monument to mediocrity and mayhem. Your praise is wecome at: And if you want more info on us, come and get it by clicking on CanovanGazette!

Gallery #5 - still yet, ANOTHER gallery!

Here we go again! This is VOLUME 5 of my continueing series of diverse (if not deranged) photo-books. The subjects we cover here are an intelligent blend of paleoanthropology, Elvis, Pinocchio, wolves, apes, special effects, art, satire and comedy. As a starving artist, singer, genius, etc etc etc, I must continue this endeavor 'til someone (anyone) praises me. So ...keep checking back as I continue building on this pile of pleasantly pitiful pictures. Of course, your praise will always be welcome by email at: And please visit our website by clicking here at the CanovanGazette!
Gallery #6 - and yet, still AGAIN, another gallery!
As stated above, I am Jim Vanhollebeke the inventor and mastermind of this series of strange photographic galleries. The fascinating photos herein may seem random but they adhere very strictly to my special blend of paleoanthropology,Elvis, Pinocchio, wolves, apes, special effects, art, and comedy. This is a special amalgamate I have developed from over 50 years of experimentation and hard work. I must warn you that the unique formula I have developed can be habit forming but be also aware that admission here is FREE. We're NOT just out to make a buck. All we want is your soul! We'd also like you to visit our UNIQUE PHOTO SERVICS WEBPAGE at: YourPhotos. Comments and remarks will be welcome by email ( By the by, a word about the box of thumbnail photos here to the left. They are NOT a part of this gallery. Altho 1 or 2 pics may be from one of my other galleries, they are random samples from any number of fellow photographers. Sort of like advertisements! MY stuff is shown here in this middle section, below (as are the links to my other WEIRD PHOTO galleries, parts 1-5). ENJOY! Heh...heh...heh...
Gallery #7 - Another gallery in a seemingly endless series.
Yup. It's me again, Jim... President and Chief CEO of Canovanogram Novelties Ltd. offering More Weird and Wonderful Photographs! I can't believe this is Gallery Number 7 (seven!)! Gosh with over 27 fans, we MUST be doing something right! As always the photos we offer are a unique and perfect blend of family, paleoanthropology, Elvis, Pinocchio, wolves, apes, special effects, art, and... of course comedy! Also be aware that these pictures can be ADDICTIVE. But they are FREE (and essentially harmless). Don't forget to visit our previous galleries. PLEASE remain seated IF attempting to view everything. And... NO YELLING. This IS a gallery. Not a sideshow. Any smart remarks may be sent quietly to me at And don't forget to visit our award winning website by clicking on our CanovanGazette! Now, enjoy! heh... heh... heh....
Gallery # 8 - An audacious addition to the incessant continuity of a series of illogical pomp.
Yes. This series is endless. I can't stop it. As the founder and leader of CANOVANOGRAM INDUSTRIES, I ...Jim Vanhollebeke, pledge to ALL of you ... my strongest efforts in least controlling the "spread" of this project. I will continue to demand good taste and INSIST on LIMITING the subject matter to the studies and pursuits of: paleaoanthropology, Elvis, wolves, apes, family pictures, artwork, Pinocchio, special effects, ...and of course ...HUMOR. THIS IS my solemn oath. It is the least I can do (...and the least is what I do BEST). As usual, reviews and comments are welcome at ############################################## If you ever need photo repair work or would like personalised NOVELTY PHOTOS of your own ...please visit our CANOVAN PHOTO SERVICES and other Canovan Website Services. We make every thing EASY for you (and CHEAP!). Write for details. ############################################## And now ....Our new Gallery Number Eight. Not many pictures yet. But again's the quality. AND besides, as I said before ...we're still growin'! Enjoy!

Gallery #9 - AnExample of ProdigalSplendorComingOut of a Blender
Hi, it's me,jimmy vanhollebeke, Captain of the Canovanogram Department here at Santyweb. This gallery is CHAPTER 9 of our collection of interminable and inane impositions on your incurable curiosities.As all of you know, I am the half-starved,half-mad artist who loves to show off weird photographs. But not just ANY weird photographs! MY photos always pertain to paleoanthropology, Elvis,Wolves,apes,family fotos,artwork,Pinocchio,special effects and HUMOR! For I am also a man of "taste". BUT ...enough about ME. YOU will find many more fascinating things at our CANOVANOGRAM GAZETTE ON THE NET. So let's ditch this spot and "click" on over to the CanovanGazette!

Gallery #10
HEY Kids! What TIME is it?! It's time for CANOVANOGRAMS with our TENTH picture gallery. This is where I'll display more of my uniquely fascinating photos for your personal amusement and excitement. As always our product will combine entertaining humor with educational fascinato. I am Jim Vanhollebeke... an unknown genius,artist,singer-writer and museum proprietor with a visionary mission. I have a dream .... where ALL MY BROTHERS can walk hand in hand. It's all so simple and can EASILY be summed up: PLEASE, ALL OF YOU. UNITE...and BUY MY PRODUCTS!! As always this Gallery #10 will be strictly regulated for "G" rated content and restricted to the perimeters of paleoanthropology, elvis, wolves, apes, family photos, artwork, pinocchio, special effects and HUMOR! There will be many more pictures in the future so keep coming back. AND ...don't forget to check out our previous 9 galleries listed elsewhere on this page. Any comments of lavish praise from your end can be directed to us at: .............And finally ... for much MORE information on our history and product catalog, please come and visit the INTERNATIONAL CANOVAN INDUSTRIES WEBSITE at: CanovanGazette!

Gallery #11
Hello. My name is Jim Vanhollebeke. Welcome to the 11th ground breaking gallery of my strange and wonderful photographs. We here at Canovanograms consider this ongoing collection, to be not only a service to the community but a useful tool for you ~ the curious web surfer ~ to actually learn something (while being hoodwinked by some of our harmless but highly entertaining scams). Some of our stuff is downright hilarious but we never mean to let you get away without teaching you something too! I want to tell you that our subjects in this gallery series are diverse but strictly limited to family, paleoanthropology, Elvis, Pinocchio, wolves, apes,art, special effects and humor! You may wonder how I have come up with such an enthralling formula in a venue such as this. It's really quite basic. I am an artist. And... I have a finger on the pulse of what our great society is sorely missing. Remember that all of what you are about to see is totally FREE and created solely for your viewing pleasure! All I ask of course, is that you buy my products. And please, don't hesitate to tell your friends. This thing is growing and I'm here to tell you it will continue to grow (and with consistant good taste and 'family hour' values). Lavish praise is always welcome at . And finally... our modest reminder that further information and product details can be obtained from our CANOVANOGRAMS & MERRY MELODIES website at: THISisCANOVANOGRAMS

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