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Canovan Photo Services

Personal Photo Repair

Let us do our magic with your personal photos.  We can make tears disappear. Restore lost areas. Eliminate graffiti and generally resurrect a "wrecked" photograph! 

Personalized Novelty Photos

It started as a website,  JIM VANHOLLEBEKE'S FAVORITE WEIRD FOTOS.  Then people started requesting our efforts for personalised projects   ...and so we said,  "why not?"!

What's a "personalised novelty photo"??     It's YOU in a Superman costume    ...OR  in Elvis concert regalia   ...or just about any WEIRD  or amusing situation YOU can think of !!   Just let us borrow a picture (or pictures)  of up to 3 people of your choice and let us know your preferences for what you would like to see!
Services generally take just one to two days to complete !

General Rates

OUR RATES ARE THE CHEAPEST!    We went to a competitive photo restorer,  took their reasonable rates  ...and literally CUT THEM IN HALF for this premiere announcement!

Repair-Restore Fee:     $8.00/hr
(most are done in 1 hour)
Personalised Novelty Photo Artwork Fee:    $8.00/hr
(most are done in 1 hour)
Prints:      $3.00  ea.

Photo work fully guaranteed.
All hard copy personal photos used for computer enhancement will be returned to customer unaltered in any way. For customer convenience, complete transactions, including photo delivery can be done by Email!

E-MAIL for orders or answers to any questions you may have.  Or feel free to contact us via phone or snail-mail.

Jim Vanhollebeke's
Canovan Photo Galleries
19367  Poinciana
Redford  MI    48240
Phone (313) 534-1414





Imagine YOU!


Unlimited scenarios!



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