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The very FIRST "canovanograms" were handmade greeting cards created by our founder jim vanhollebeke at age eight (way back in the early 50's!). They were usually for birthdays and targeted at older members of the VanHollebeke family. These cards were somewhat crude with obvious and often ill-attempts at humor. It wasn't 'til the mid 70's when jim, now an adult, decided to give his unique salutations the moniker, CANO-VANOGRAM ( "can'o" for can of... and "vanogram" for VanHollebeke-telegram.   Eventually the term was expanded to encompass ANYTHING we did or created. And when we started slapping price tags on the ones we called "products",  we decided to dress up the name with a CAPITOL "C". Today Canovanogram Industries Inc. is STILL known for it's trademark handmade cards and their crude but obvious ill-attempts at humor.
But now there's so much more ...and we want you to know this is all for YOU ...and we're just nuts about it!
~jim vanhollebeke
founder & chief etc.

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